ZNA Barragem de Montargil Activation

Created and produced by ZNA Gathering and Mundo4K.

Actress – Vera Feu Guerreiro
Directed by Márcio Loureiro (Mundo4K)
Motion and Special Effects by Luis Flyp (ZNA Gathering)
Sound Design by Sérgio Walgood (ZNA Gathering)
Stylist and Make up by INTI
Music Ooze by ManMadeMan (TIP World)
Music Connect To by Sérgio Walgood (ZNA Gathering)

ZNA is a strand that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all Zambu living organisms.
The bearers of this genetic mutation have a special type of awareness and vibration.
This gene has passed on to many others, by direct contact with the special Zambu vibrational pattern.
The worldwide expansion of this genetic sequence has been the case for many studies.
Some ancient astronaut theorists believe this gene has come to us from outer space.
It has been with us before in ancient times, in all the rituals of trance dance known to ancient Man.
It was laying dormant for a few centuries, but it found us again…

Let us all reawakening our ZNA