Rumo ao Futuro

The M@rBis campaigns began in 2010 with the goal of mapping marine biodiversity of waters under Portuguese jurisdiction. Over 40 entities with ongoing projects and students were summoned to participate in the 2015 Cascais mission. Samples and data retrieved are basis for ongoing studies and integrate the proposal for Extension of the Continental Shelf of Portugal beyond 200 nautical miles.

As campanhas M@rBis surgiram em 2010 com intuito de cartografar a biodiversidade marinha das águas sob jurisdição de Portugal. Mais de 40 entidades com projetos a decorrer e estudantes foram convidados a participar na missão Cascais em 2015. Amostras recolhidas servirão de base para estudos realizados durante os próximos anos e integram o projeto de Extensão da Plataforma Continental de Portugal para além das 200 milhas.

Narração, Fotografias, Filmagens adicionais
Seth Solo

Fotografia Sub-aquática
Áthila Bertoncini

Imagem Aérea
André Amaro
Helicam Portugal


Alban Hall & Sérgio Walgood

Cut Slack

Meru Trio

Filme por Gustavo Neves

Produção: EMEPC, Seth Solo, Peregrinus Studio

com agradecimento à guarnição do NTM Creoula 2015.

Dancing with your Dreams

Music starts at 7:57

A group of travellers from different corners of the world meet in the Azores for exploring their dreams, flowing through touch and movement on a dance from the forest to the sea.

1st Edition Oceans and Flow Azores 2016

Find more about our dance journeys in

Shai Dayan
“I Am”

Armando Letico

Jorge Valério
Handpan Improvisations

Deya Dova
“Grandmother Tree & The Feathered Serpent”

Mauri Gómez

Sérgio Walgood
“Ambient Loop Guitar”
“Binaural 4”

Cave Jam
by Oceans and Flow participants

a Peregrinus Studio film

ZNA Barragem de Montargil Activation

Created and produced by ZNA Gathering and Mundo4K.

Actress – Vera Feu Guerreiro
Directed by Márcio Loureiro (Mundo4K)
Motion and Special Effects by Luis Flyp (ZNA Gathering)
Sound Design by Sérgio Walgood (ZNA Gathering)
Stylist and Make up by INTI
Music Ooze by ManMadeMan (TIP World)
Music Connect To by Sérgio Walgood (ZNA Gathering)

ZNA is a strand that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all Zambu living organisms.
The bearers of this genetic mutation have a special type of awareness and vibration.
This gene has passed on to many others, by direct contact with the special Zambu vibrational pattern.
The worldwide expansion of this genetic sequence has been the case for many studies.
Some ancient astronaut theorists believe this gene has come to us from outer space.
It has been with us before in ancient times, in all the rituals of trance dance known to ancient Man.
It was laying dormant for a few centuries, but it found us again…

Let us all reawakening our ZNA